Beachside Brojob and WHAT is With the Wrist Twist Thing?

June 8, 2016 | Posted in Amateur by his_excellency

Is this sucker for real or am I having a waking wet dream? We're seeing a muscly, bearded, masculine guy with salt and pepper hair and a sexy tan line, right?! And please tell my taint those are Rainbow flip flops. I love a douche in Rainbow sandals*! 

Aside from the overall bangability of the blow job giver, I'm noticing that the technique of inflicting a Native American burn while sucking a dick is all the rage. But, doesn't it look miserable? I'm genuinely curious if anyone does the wrist twist while trying to bring pleasure to a cock! I wouldn't be shocked if I was missing out on yet another epic opportunity in the bedroom tbh.

*I wear Rainbow sandals. 

Via xHamster

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