Cockyboys Gives You The Full Jake Bass Experience

April 7, 2016 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

In this episode of "Meet The Morecocks," Cockyboys brings Darius Ferdynand along for the ride

[WATCH: "Meet The Morecocks 2: The Jake Bass Experience" - Cockyboys]

With "Meet The Morecocks," Cockyboys attempts to show a different side of not only Jake Bass, but the gay porn industry in general.

In my years of writing about porn, many things change, like the stars, studios, etc. 

However, many things remain consistent. One of those being the general view of pornstars in the common eye. They've always been like celebrities and friends to me, but many see them as the opposite - low-lifes who only do porn because they are on drugs or have low self-esteem. Sometimes it's true, but the overwhelming majority of times, it isn't.

The team at Cockyboys is attempting to show a contrasting side to the gay porn industry with their "Meet The Morecocks" series. And Jake Bass is their latest subject.

Since this film is all about contrasts, they show another contrast: That between Darius Ferdynand and Jake Bass. 

For one, Darius is European, and Jake is American.

For two, Darius has a muscular frame, while Jake is more slender.

Not to mention, Jake has a more bad boy persona, while Darius is more of the good boy.

But the most obvious contrast between the two may be the fact that Jake is tatted up, while Darius has no tattoos at all (unless I'm missing something). And Cockyboys even showed it in their pictures. That contrast is no more on display than it is here:


And here.



Jake looks so hot taking Darius' cock, doesn't he? And he looks like he's enjoying it too. He also tops Darius for some nice flip-flop action, but you'll have to watch the preview for that.

Do you have a different view of Jake Bass after this episode of "Meet The Morecocks"?

Do you like the contrast between Jake Bass and Darius Ferdynand?

Do you, like me, ever wonder if the other episodes of that "One Direction" parody film will ever see the light of day?


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