Epic Charlie by Matthew Zink Ads Feature Stunning Diego Miguel

April 4, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Model Diego Miguel for Charlie by Matthew Zink

OMG this body hair. Model Diego Miguel, 32, was recently featured in the new swimsuit campaign from Charlie by Matthew Zink. The model debuts the "Metallics" collection, with pieces randing anywhere from $90 to $240. If they will in any capacity give me the 1980's South Beach I've-done-sexual-favors vibe that the company's going for, I'm sold! If you haven't gone full Rocky Whor-or and aren't familiar with Charlie, here's their blurb: Via Charlie

Charlie by Matthew Zink is a luxury swim lifestyle brand dedicated to the seduction of the perfect bikini. A tribute to the decadence of the 1970's and 1980's, Charlie looks to celebrate the joyful sensualtity [sic] and effortless beauty of the past.

Any company that sneaks in "SensualTity" on their website is the gold standard in my book!

While the pube-tastic photos from the fashion shoot are enough to get you whet, Diego is also featured in a ton of other images on the website modeling the collection. While the people at Charlie slap Mother Nature in the taint by toning down the hottie's body hair in these other pics (in the gallery), they make up for it by giving us some ah-mahzing definitive penis outline! See the campaign below, and check out some bulging perfection in the gallery!


Via Charlie

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