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Tom Hardy Strips Naked on Set of 'Taboo'

Warning: These pics of Tom Hardy completely naked on the set of Taboo are NSFH (Not Safe For Holes) because as of now they have a blurred out penile area. As soon as non blurry photos surface I'll update this post, but for now your orifices will probably need a prescription for Cymbalta. Tom Hardy, who nabbed an oscar nomination for his work in The Revenant alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, is no stranger to nudity with seven previous butt or penis-baring roles. These newly released naked photos from the set of Tom Hardy's upcoming BBC miniseries Taboo, however, present the first time he's looked 100% like a porn star fresh off an African mission trip that went too far. The 8 part series stars Tom as an early 1800's shipping tycoon duking it out with the East India Company, and will be available to watch in America on FX. 

If you've seen Tom Hardy in anything you know he has the amazing body type that's muscly but not aggressively so, and that his ass is a GMO peach ripe for the picking. According to onlookers at the Taboo shoot the water was chilly, but obviously the embodiment of manliness DGAF when it comes to exposing his shriveled dick to a bunch of people. Someone was also quoted as saying:

It was clear he was in good shape and has been doing some gym work. His female fans won’t be disappointed when they catch him in the programme.

Let's do a head count tonight of how many boners these pics create before deciding who the audience is, okay onlooker?! Check out the nude pics of Tom Hardy in the gallery!


The full frontal Tom Hardy pics are here!!! Check out the rest in the gallery below!


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