Today Will Be Known As The Day We Saw Justin Bieber's Penis (UPDATE)

October 7, 2015 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

It has happened. While vacationing in Bora Bora with model Jayde Pierce, 21-year old Justin Bieber was photographed completely naked, showing us his dick and balls. While the Canadian singer shared his infamous butt pic on Instagram a couple of months ago, this is the first time that we are seeing him completely naked. 











I think we are all having some confusing feelings right now, but this is a safe space, and we should just go for it. Justin Bieber has a big dick. There, I said it. It's thick, and floppy. Also, I think we are all noticing that it's probably circumcised. I'm going to go ahead and mention that he has pretty big balls, and they're riding on the lower side. This is a lot to take in, and I think we just need to sit on it for a while.

Do these pics make you want to unload your feelings, or your sac? It is like taking the pants off a Ken doll to find horrifying real human genitals and hair, or does it feel right? While there are only two uncensored pics so far, we'll be on this story like barely there pubes on a Justin Bieber, so stay tuned. 

UPDATE: Well the rest of the pictures are out. They've been added above for your discomfort. 

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