Olympian Tom Daley Is Engaged To Dustin Lance Black

October 1, 2015 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Well this is just too cute for comfort. British diver Tom Daley and filmmaker Dustin Lance Black recently announced their engagement in the deaths, births, and marriages section of the Times newspaper (that's certainly a grab bag of a section). 



(Also, I'm assuming the "Animal" column to the right is deaths and not marriages). The 21-year old Tom and 41-year-old Dustin famously started dating back in 2013 when Tom came out on his YouTube channel. In the video the olympic medalist gives a heartfelt talk about his sexuality and the new feeling of security found through his peen to peen relationship. (Note: when he says the word "frustrated" in his British accents you're going to have undies full of bangers and mash). 

two years later, and the cuties are engaged. Although we've been receiving nauseatingly adorable updates on their relationship, an engagement means... forever. While a tiny evil part of every man (gay and straight, Tom's beauty transcends all), and woman is playing a funeral dirge in their heads right now because we're never going to get near Tom's pike position, we all know Tom and Dustin are super cute and are going to have super cute babies and will continue to slowly kill us with their overall cuteness. 


Fuck those judges, Tom's a 10. 

(Via The Times)

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