Things (Not) To Do At The Drive-Thru

August 26, 2015 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston


I’m afraid this video is a little bit bouncy, but I reckon it was filmed from a long way off and on a long zoom. It's a pretty hot voyeur movie where an older guy is found jacking off out of the door of his parked car. You immediately wonder where this was: car park? Picnic area? Nudist beach? Outside the stores on Main Street? There’s no info there but the guy’s got a nice big cock and he may know he’s being filmed. That’s why he takes his clothes off, apart from his sneakers, and bares all.  

Those were are a few reasons for heading on over and checking this clip out and another reason is because it leads to the guy’s profile, not the guy in the car, the voyeur lover who is, rather appropriately, called Voyboy. He’s got at least eight videos of guys flashing and jerking off in public places, filmed in an amateur homemade voyeur style. There are some photos too, so plenty of fun to be had there.  

Meanwhile, back in voyeur land, our older guy - now stripped down and seemingly harder as he knows he is being filmed and he's getting off on it - strokes away. And keeps on stroking until we get a dribbley cum shot at the end of the clip. You do have to put up with the camera shake, but it’s worth it in the end, especially if you’re a voyeur movie fan.    

Watch: Caught him good

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