Straight? Gay? Controversial, Cute And Naked

June 10, 2015 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston



This little find turned out to be mildly controversial. The title (we’ll ignore the grammar) reads: ‘2 Sexiest Athletic Str8 Boys Go Gay.’ "Where’s the controversy in that," you may well ask. Well, it comes from the words ‘str8’ and ‘athletic’ as it seems these guys are not all they are described as being.  

I’m not one of those who has made a comment and, frankly, I don’t care if they are straight or gay, they are both really cute and great fun. I wonder who they were ‘performing’ for actually, as they chat to someone over their PC, but that's' another matter really. They strip down, first to their underwear and then go completely naked, their big dicks all floppy and their nuts hanging low. And then things get really interesting, as you will see when you go and watch them.  

But it was the comments that got me interested: “As str8 as I am... LOL Athletic? um... not sure really” was a top comment. “str8? don't think so.” Was another. They certainly don’t act straight, flashing their dicks at each other, jerking off together one spanking the other, and kissing. Maybe they are, and does it matter? It’s a nice fantasy to think there are two roommates out there, slim and toned for sure (semi-athletic?) who don’t mind putting on this kind of show for us. If I could find out who they are I’d look around for more of this kind of stuff. Good show lads! Make some more videos like this one.  

Watch: 2 Sexiest Athletic Str8 Boys Go Gay

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