Hugh Jackman Shirtless At The Beach

May 5, 2015 | Posted in gay by vincent-thrice


Everyone's favorite X-Man, Hugh Jackman, hit the beach the other day, and though he's not quite in Wolverine shape, there's no denying it's impossible for him to look bad. Because he's a big Hollywood star, he's not allowed to wear a speedo at the beach, so we'll have to settle for swim trunks, but damn he looks delectable soaking up the sun!

Hugh looks a little down. Maybe it's because his next film, Pan, got bumped from the summer to October. Maybe it's because he's about to start shooting X-Men: Apocalypse, and that means he's got to get back on an absolutely insane fitness regiment. Ot maybe it's because he really doesn't like the beach and has a hard time hiding it. The point is, I'm not sure what Hugh was doing at the beach, but I am sure he looks better without his beard. And the lack of facial hair helps as well.


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