Places To Be Invisible #1: The Showers

April 13, 2015 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston

Let me ask you this: if you could put a camera anywhere, where would it be? There is a little bit of a voyeur in all of us, I am convinced of it, and there’s something about finding cam shower footage that gets that voyeur sparked up and ready to play.  

This clip is simple: it’s a guy taking a shower. Nothing happens, well, the guys gets washed, but that’s what makes it interesting. We’re just watching a guy having a shower and he set up the camera before hand to film himself. If only we could be invisible we could actually be there and watch with our own eyes. But then, if we can’t do that (and who can?) we have the next best thing. Cameras. Even if they do only catch a guy taking a shower.    

Watch: Hidden Cam in shower

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