Flopping About For 90 Minutes On The Beach

March 16, 2015 | Posted in Amateur by luke-preston

There is something very sexy about cruising on a nudist beach. Everyone is there for the same thing: to enjoy being naked. There are no pretensions, and although seeing a guy naked can sometimes not be as hot as seeing him in underwear – as nothing is left to the imagination – there is something erotic about being able to look at everyone (after filtering out the girls). At least, that's how things worked on the nudist beaches I have been on, the gay ones.  

This is true voyeur filming for sure, and here there’s an amateur, voyeur, nudist beach movie that’s got a really nice cine-feel to it. It feels like it was shot ages ago on celluloid. I have no idea why I have not found it before. A really long (90 minute) collection of hot guys just hanging out, lying about, and showing off hot bodies and hotter, soft dicks, on a nude beach.  

So, if you can’t get out to the gay nudist beach at the moment but you still want to have a good and horny look around at naked, flaccid guys on the beach, then here is one and a half hours’ worth of just that. Brilliant.    

Watch: Nude Beach

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