Another Slice of Beefcake: Dionisio Heiderscheid

August 21, 2014 | Posted in Celebrity by humbert-incandenza


Argentinian babe Dionisio Heiderscheid is a bit of an anomaly. You see, he has a double life. Dionisio has been able to walk the fine between mainstream modeling and hardcore films. In fact, he’s quite popular; he’s always in demand by photographers around the world. And once you see his newest set of photos from his shoot for Rufskin Demin on (link below), you’ll see why everyone with and without a camera is clamoring for this hunk.  

In his recent photoshoot, the usually clean cut model sports a handsomely smart beard while showing off his cut body in various swimsuits. We don’t get to see him nude, but we see a lot of abs and muscles. I dare you to find an inch of fat on Dionisio’s body. It would be great to find a few inches of Dionisio in my mouth!  


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