The Most Shocking Things To Ever Happen At FraternityX

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FraternityX built its reputation on being one of the sluttiest, most shocking sites to feature a horny gang of allegedly straight frat boys paying rent by shooting their own bareback fuck tapes.

But what makes the site so shocking, you ask? See for yourself in our roundup of some of the site's most shocking highlights:

The most shocking event to ever take place on this website, hands down, is the date rape scene filmed with bareback power bottom Matthew Keading. Released in September 2013, the scene detailed the moment when a handful of frat boys sprinkled drugs in a mixed drink served to Keading, who fell unconscious and sank lifelessly into the floor where he was gang-raped by the frat boys who drugged him. They later dragged him outside to "leave him on the side of the road."

· Watch Matthew Keading get raped at FraternityX (

I imagine some people may find shoving semen into an asshole via turkey baster a "shocking" act, but I wouldn't consider it shocking at all. Feeding assholes with turkey basters is more common in gay porn than one may think, and I'd be more inclined to file this under "creative" before anything else.

Alas, for Thanksgiving 2012, FraternityX roasted Grant to perfection in "The Stuffing." These boys deserve extra points for putting an apple in his mouth.

· Watch Grant get fucked full of cum at FraternityX (

Shortly before dipping its toes in the baster-stuffing game, FraternityX got its feet wet in the piss business by tying a helpless pledge to the toilet while a stream of three separate frat boys came into the bathroom to each piss on him before fucking him. The whole ordeal lasted around 40 minutes, and we still pity the pledge who had to clean it all up.

· Get pissy with the FraternityX boys (

We always knew Benny G was a filthy cumslut — just watch his ridiculously greedy asshole gobble up the Maverick Men and Rafael Alencar's schoolbus-sized cock — but we never realized just how desperate he was until he bent over in front of the foosball table to take the handle of a metal rod up his ass.

· Check out the full Hungry Hole video (

The infamous "morning sex" scene is shocking only because it broke a truly shocking world record (at least in the gay porn world). Last summer, I was absolutely stunned when frat boy Ryan managed to shove his cock balls-deep in a sleepy pledge a mere 11 seconds after entering the room and turning the lights on. If only all morning sex scenes could skip the lame foreplay and get right to business.

· Watch Ryan and Morgan wake Danny up for some morning sex at FraternityX (

From morning sex to a morning blowjob (that turns into sex), FraternityX pulled another shocking move when they managed to get Morgan to sit on a sleeping man's dick.

· Watch Jansen fuck Morgan at FraternityX (

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