Boyfriends vs. Brothers: Who'd You Rather Watch Fuck?

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Two pair of boyfriends are fucking each other bareback at Guys In Sweatpants and Helix Studios this week, totally free from the threat of exchanging a number of STDs including HIV because, as Michael Lucas told us back in October, it's essentially impossible for two men in a relationship to pass STDs to one another.

One of the first questions that comes to mind whenever I see a "boyfriends fucking" scene is: "Are these guys really boyfriends?" But this time, I wonder: "Is watching boyfriends fuck more exciting, interesting, or pleasurable than watching two strangers fuck each other?" Why do people think watching two boyfriends having sex is more intimate? Why is there a market for "romantic" gay porn??

Of course, at the end of the day, these people will continue to be strangers to you regardless of their relationship status. And I've seen far too many awful "boyfriend" fucks and countless incredibly romantic fucks between people who met 15 minutes prior to penetration to let the "boyfriend" label tickle my asshole anymore.

But maybe you still like the "boyfriend" thing? Perhaps you're also into the "brother" thing?

The scene update at Guys In Sweatpants this week features two relatively new boyfriends breaking into the biz together, Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris. Sam has filmed previously with Dallas Reeves and Trent with Next Door Studios — they fucked once before this at College Dudes back in September.

Are they actually dating? We may never be sure, but according to Austin Wilde, they prepared for their scene above by jerking off to homemade videos of their sexcapades on Trent's iPhone. And for as much as I've bemoaned the "boyfriend" thing, this small personal detail did wonders for this otherwise pedestrian scene.

· Watch boyfriends Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris fuck at GuysInSweatpants (

Helix Studios also boasts a "boyfriends" scene this week, featuring newcomers Lukas Grande and Jack Rayder in one of those self-shot "Real Cam" bits. It's easier for me to believe that these boys are legit boyfriends because Helix actually does pair real-life boyfriends for most of these Real Cam shoots, and their chemistry is too genuine to be between total strangers.

But again, the "boyfriends" thing doesn't do it for me here.

· Watch boyfriends Lukas Grande and Jack Rayder fuck at Helix Studios (

BROTHERS. Now two brothers fucking one lucky guy will do it for me.

I'm not totally convinced that Johnny Forza and Donny Forza are actually brothers in real life, but the simple indication that they "are" in every scene description starring them is enough to drive me over the edge. (Brother boyfriends are a little too much, if you ask me.)

Johnny and Donny appear in a scene together at Dallas Reeves this week, initiating pint-sized Russian newbie Vadim Black with a bareback threesome. There's no way you can tell me that choking on some dude's cock while his brother fucks you from behind isn't the greatest feeling in the world. If you ask me, "brothers" beat "boyfriends" any day.

What's your take?

· Watch brothers Donny and Johnny Forza fuck newcomer Vadim Black at Dallas Reeves (

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