Dayton O'Connor's Mustache: A Saga

June 24, 2014 | Posted in gay by bradford-matthews

I've always preferred tracking the changing hair patterns on the heads, chests and assholes of gay pornstars over the hair they grow on their face, but the perfectly manicured hair growing like a weed on Dayton O'Connor's face has led me no choice but to publish this very public declaration:

That thing needs to go. Immediately.

Dayton began and maintained his early porn career as a fresh, clean-shaven dude with a huge dick and an insatiable appetite for topping. Though the average porn fan most fondly remembers him as Sean Cody's "Dayton," regular Fleshbot readers know that I hold his work at FraternityX in high esteem — Dayton and his big-dicked pal Zach Alexander, in my opinion, helped bring that site to its current glory long before it started filming bareback scenes.

Since then, he's gone on a hiatus or two, maintained a good-looking scruff that suited his legitimate porn "star" status, and grown a more prominent mustache that is currently out of control.



It's 2006 and a twinky-looking "Dayton" serves face for his first major gay porn scene at Sean Cody. He forgoes distracting facial and chest hair to draw attention to a manicured "happy trail" and erratically hairy shaft area. He is flawless and books future gigs because his cock is the size of a Volkswagen Jetta.

It's 2010 and Dayton experiments with the light scruff look. By this point in his career, he's worked for almost everyone (it would be easier to list the studios he hasn't worked with) and slips his dick into Donny Wright for the first time at Hot House. You can obviously see why he's transcended the usual two-year gay porn career.

In 2011, he reverts back to the clean-shaven look. No reason to point this out other than to show you this clip of him double penetrating Zach Alexander with fellow horse cock Jackson Klein.

Fast-forward to 2013, when Dayton begins sporting a few new mustache looks in scenes for Dirty Tony, Raw Fuck Club, and Cocksure Men. I first incorrectly identified this thing as a "handlebar" mustache when first reporting the trend — I make that retraction now because, well, Dayton O'Connor now has a literal handlebar mustache.

Dayton O'Connor's actual handlebar mustache, in all its glory in a new Dirty Tony scene:

For some reason he's starting to remind me of Mr. Peanut, which is strange considering Mr. Peanut does not have a mustache (but if he did it would probably look like this). I like to think of Dayton as a rough, uninhibited ass-destroying machine, not a Victorian gentleman riding shotgun in a Model T.

Is this the future of Dayton O'Connor?


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