Will Shiloh Ever Get Fucked Again?

June 19, 2014 | Posted in gay by bradford-matthews


Back in January, Chaosmen's Bryan Ockert introduced us to Shiloh, a tatted dreamboat with a serious penchant for sucking jizz and getting face-fucked. Since then, this beautiful man and presumed power bottom has appeared to orally service men in six different scenes and has only been fucked in the ass twice. What's up with that?

I nearly died the first time I saw Shiloh, noting that his superior cock-sucking ability and perfect hairy ass had the potential to make him the greatest Chaosmen model since Solomon and Glenn. He's universally loved by the critics and is obviously interested in filming more scenes with the straight and bisexual dudes on this site — any red-blooded gay man I know would be dying to take a seat on these delicious cocks, especially if they were asked to exclusively suck on them.

Is Shiloh a bottom snob? Is Bryan Ockert sitting on a stockpile of brilliant Shiloh bareback gang-bang scenes (Pure, of course) that will blow our minds in the months to come?

Whatever the case may be, Shiloh's ass has been experiencing a jizz drought for far too long, and I won't stand for this any longer. #FreeShiloh!

Before you scroll any further, we need to establish just how much this boy loves the D. As you can see via his sophomore bareback fuck with Hayden, Shiloh is a dick-devouring machine that most likely operates on sex fumes. Just look at the way he arches his ass in the air whilst pushing a dick into the back of his throat — we in the sex industry call that "begging for dick," and this is not the first time he's done it.

Also, who wears underwear like that if they're not trying to get fucked?

He turned rimming, jerking, and sucking into an art in his debut fuck with Braxton. His abilities are the mark of an experienced cockgobbler — one that gobbles cocks both with his mouth and ass. The fact that cocks are being purposely kept from this needy ass is discrimination imho.

Shiloh's extraordinary cock-sucking abilities reached a fever pitch in his seventh "serviced" scene with with Elias. I'm not going to complain because it marks the revival of my favorite Chaosmen series "G:hOle", but also because any scene that produces new footage of Shiloh in action is a scene to be praised.

Check out the trailer below:

But damn it, can we please see Shiloh getting fucked again sometime soon!?

· Check out all of Shiloh's scenes — including seven "serviced" blowjobs, two bareback fucks (he bottoms), and one solo jerkoff — at ChaosMen (ChaosMen.com)

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