Today in WTF: Grape Smuggling Beachwear Is A Thing Now

June 12, 2014 | Posted in gay by vincent-thrice


It's beach season, and if there's one area where the French have a corner on the market it's embarrassing men's swimwear. First it was the Speedo, now it's the "STRING LATÉRAL FLASH BLEU."

Available in red, white, blue, and black, the piece is only available in small, medium, and large because no fatties. 

The website describes it thusly...

String original et ultra sexy qui n'enserre qu'un seul côté de la taille. Le confort et le maintien latéral sont assurés par le tissu à haute teneur en élasthanne.

Thank goodness for Google Translate...

Original string and ultra sexy that encloses one side of the waist. Comfort and lateral support are provided by the fabric high elastane content.

The word comfort doesn't even begin to sum up what it looks like to wear this thing. I mean, look at these guys, they're the picture of comfort... 



Purchase your own version right here

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