Could We Actually Be Getting Naked Pics Of Kit Harington?

May 9, 2014 | Posted in Celebrity by vincent-thrice

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Game of Thrones star Kit Harington is one of the only decent men left in Westeros, and he's also one of the only to not do a nude scene. Kit admitted to GQ that he used a body double for his nude scene this season, but only because he had an ankle injury at the time.

Despite all that, Beauty World News (link below) reveals that we may be getting some nude photos of him sooner than expected, all thanks to a stolen cell phone with some, ahem, candid photos on it.

"It got nicked in a pub in Battersea," said Harington to reporters recently. "When you end up seeing all my personal photos on the Internet, you'll know why. It also had all my contact details in there too, so there's a lot at stake."

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Kit has called for more male nudity on the show, so we know he's not shy, but to have private photos stolen would be terrible. Simply terrible. So terrible, we might feel a twinge of guilt when we study them... for strictly professional purposes of course.

Kit's also working as a shift supervisor down at the rumor mill, with stories continuing to swirl about a romance between him and co-star Emilia Clarke.

A recent Daily Mail report claimed that the costars wanted to fall in love. The two HBO stars are "circling in on a romance, but fears of conflicting schedules are keeping them cautious," read the story. And Clarke's costar, Harington is supposedly trying to win her heart, according to the newspaper. The report claimed that the starlet is definitely interested, but is "worried their filming schedules would prevent the relationship from working."

Maybe those photos were intended for Emilia. Who knows? Either way, we don't think this one is real...

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Via Beauty World News

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