Kayden Gray to Paddy O'Brian: "Nobody Has Ever Fucked Me Like This"

December 6, 2013 | Posted in gay by bradford-matthews

Sorting through the endless pages of Men.com models past and present, someone finally decided to pair the site's hottest top with their hottest bottom. I'm using the terms loosely, of course, since Paddy O'Brian is now an aggressive bottom and Kayden Gray is pretty much an open book when it comes to getting laid.

I assume the Men.com team doesn't think this was a scene worthy of a certified Gay Porn Event, but for me, this is a big fucking deal!

Everyone else loves to complain about Paddy O'Brian, whether it's his accent or aversion to cock sucking, but I have long held that Paddy is one of the industry's greatest assets. When I think of the term "porn star" in a modern sense, I immediately think of Paddy O'Brian, and it makes me so happy to see a hungry Polish twunk worship every inch of his body.

From the moment the camera opens on their candlelit foreplay, through the intense makeout sesh and well into a relentless pounding against the headboard, Kayden is obviously smitten with Paddy's cock—at one point, he even says "nobody has ever fucked me like this." Whoa! Did I just walk in on two boyfriends getting engaged mid-fuck?

But as much as I love and appreciate two of my faves hitting the sack together, I have one major bone to pick with Men.com. Can we just talk about how that condom looks like a decorative trash bag for yard waste? I think it's time for someone to invest in a more sheer condom, not for the sake of making it look like the condom isn't there, but just so I can actually see the dick the condom is on. Is that too much to ask?

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Oh yeah, Paddy also fucked Landon Conrad this week:

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