Seven Reasons To Support "Hunting Season" & the Hot Gays Who Make It Possible

December 5, 2013 | Posted in Celebrity by bradford-matthews


Since announcing a sophomore season earlier this summer, Logo's raunchiest web series has been crowdsourcing funds to make it happen. It apparently takes a whole lotta money to disguise a softcore porn series as a romantic dramedy—$150,000 to be exact.

With little more than one day left, I'm surprised that the show's Kickstarter has not surpassed the proposed goal. After all, this is the show that entertained nearly a million viewers with visions of my fantasy boyfriend Ben Baur getting fucked by hung porn god Ben Andrews (and others!), convinced Tyler French to go full-frontal for the very first time, and fueled my growing obsession with a mactor named Marc Sinoway. Combined with a smart script and semi-slutty storyline that undoubtedly inspired thousands of young gays to move to New York City, it's honestly the first web series I've watched in it's entirety without rolling my eyes or screaming.

Why is Hunting Season seeking funds, exactly? It appears that Logo TV is more concerned with funneling cash into more "non-gay programming" like Drag Race and isn't willing to sponsor the show's second season. Their loss!

Maybe Logo TV just doesn't see the power in intelligent niche series that tackle real issues in provocative ways. Maybe they're trying to stifle Ben Baur's impending superstardom?

Luckily for you, I do see the power in Hunting Season, and I want to fuck Ben Baur. So here are the eight most important reasons why I think you need to help make Hunting Season Season 2 happen:

There is a 50-60% chance Ben Baur will show his dick (again)

This is obviously the most important goal we need to accomplish. The fact that he gave us a full glimpse of that precious peen during Season 1—when there was a 0% chance of seeing dick—means the chances of catching it (on purpose) in Season 2 can only be greater. Let's just hope it's rock hard and bathed in saliva this time.

There is a 115% chance Ben Baur will show his ass (again)

Come on guys, do you really need any more incentive?

Willam Belli will make an appearance!

Drag Race alum and Next Door Studios bottom professor Willam Belli has been offered a role in the sophomore season. Who knows what kind of trouble she'll be getting into, but if it involves a sandwich, a board game, or some paint, chances are it'll be incredible and strangely erotic.

More softcore porn!

Most people who watched Season 1 will probably agree on one major perk: The abundance of steamy gay sex! That steamy gay sex was made even more intense by the presence of an actual porn star last season, and if things got this raunchy last year, just imagine where they'll take it this time!

Unauthorized sex scenes!

If Ben Baur's ass and dick haven't convinced you to open up your wallet, surely an entire compilation of he and his fellow actors giggling while pretending to blow each other will! For backers that pledge just $25 or more, Hunting Season is offering "the unauthorized sex scene outtake compilation," which includes the shots that didn't make it into the series (and hopefully a lot of Ben Baur's dick).

Man Candy


In case you haven't heard, this show sports a lot of future-celebrity skin. Here are the actors from Season 1 in various stages of undress:

Hunting 74

Marc Sinoway on the right. I want to live in his chest hair.

Tyler French was one of Ben Baur's main squeezes in Season 1. Above, his flacid dick chillin with Ben in bed, and below, his hard dick in the back of Ben's throat.

Hunting 91

Walker Hare, the lucky dude fucking Ben Baur in the clip above.


Does Jack Ferver look familar? Yeah, he's totally the Berries and Cream guy.

We need this!

The Internet is the future of television! The growing trend of Internet-based entertainment is giving big networks a run for their money, and these independent producers are onto something! Hunting Season creator Jon Marcus said it best—"I wanted to bring a professional quality gay TV show to the web, because I felt like the entertainment business was ignoring characters in stories like this."

If there's anything that lamestream television has proven when it comes to gay characters, it's that tame and marketable relationships will always trump reality. We gays are a complicated species! It's creators like Jon and shows like Hunting Season that provide perspective for us when we point out everything that's wrong with the primetime lineup.

For more information on how you can help make Hunting Season a reality, visit Kickstarter.

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