Tom Daley Fucks Zac Efron In Greatest Fanfic of 2013

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I began thinking about who Tom Daley's boyfriend was long before he came out to the press—I always hoped he was batting for our team, but it was pretty obvious after the whole Mobot video. Since his revelation earlier this week, Tom has been linked with stars from Jack Laugher to "unknown male companion," but it's pretty safe to assume now that his new boyfriend is actually American filmmaker and bareback sex tape victim Dustin Lance Black.

I'm not going to knock Dustin Lance Black, but I'd consider him a strange choice for someone whose stomach is chiseled from stone. To each his own!

Personally, I'd rather see Tom with someone like Zac Efron. He needs to be loved by a PYT with a rock-hard physique and a bad coke habit (it'll help fuel the sex tape). Luckily, one of my favorite Tumblr authors, Zac Efron Dirty Secrets, totally agrees.

The blog mostly consists of short erotic paragraphs starring Zac Efron and a rotating cast of other young, 20-something celebrity sex icons, but the latest entry pits Tom Daley against Zac Efron in a pissy sexual encounter that had me at "Tom loved Zac's tight, hot asshole."

Head on over to Zac Efron Dirty Secrets to read the full post!

Tom Daley had a secret. It was a dirty secret. Zac Efron had a secret. It was even dirtier secret. Tom had ‘come out' to the press today, and to celebrate was off to the guy he was seeing. What no one knew was that the guy was Hollywood mega hunk and former Disney teen star, the super beautiful Zac Efron. Tom loved when he was with Zac. He loved the way Zac would smile at him and his whole day would seem better, he loved that he could cuddle up and watch a movie with him but most of all, most of all Tom loved Zac's tight, hot asshole.

Tom would have loved nothing better that to spend forever playing in Zac's ass. Sticking in a finger, sticking in his tongue, sticking in a finger and his tongue. It was all good. He loved how Zac would keep his hole moist and sticky, full of flavour for him to lap away at. The taste of Zac would fill his mouth and he knew he never wanted anything more. But today was different. Today he and Zac were going to go further.  Zac had convinced Tom that it was time to play an all new game. So here Tom was, arriving at Zac's hotel room, ascending the stairs and using the key card to get in.

Zac was impatiently waiting. He had been waiting for a good twenty minutes. He'd already taken the pre-emptive action of stripping down to pair of tiny white briefs and rubbing himself in baby oil. His body glistened in the light and his muscles etched out whenever he flexed. He'd also climbed in to a new toy that he had imported especially for the day. A leather harness and swing set hung from the ceiling, which, when strapped in, allowed Zac to bare his ass to anyone. Tonight, it was his plan to take Tom muscular young divers fist deep in to his hole. Zac knew he loved stretching. He'd experimented with large dildos and even once managed to stuff four of his own fingers in his butt while it was loose from the dildo. His hole had felt warm and wet. He knew Tom would love it. Beneath the briefs, his hole was wide and already thanks to the 5 inch circumference butt plug he had inserted. He was ready for Tom. Tom entered the room and couldn't believe his eyes. There was Zac Efron, leathered up in a harness, glistening with oil, in nothing but briefs and clearly panting with lust.

h/t Zac Efron Dirty Secrets

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