Hey Michael Lucas, Do You Think Barebacking Is Safer Between Boyfriends?

October 17, 2013 | Posted in Editorial Features by bradford-matthews


After years of being an extremely vocal advocate for safe sex and—more specifically—condoms in gay porn, Michael Lucas has decided to take his company on the bareback bandwagon with a brand new series featuring raunchy condomless creampies and what some would consider extreme raw cum play. (Yes, that's a thing.)

This isn't news. In fact, given the large number of gay porn studios opting to shoot bareback scenes in the last year, Lucas' flip-flopping on the matter has strangely remained non-news. The latest scene in this new condom-free series, starring "lovers" Edji Da Silva and Timo Dylan is actually the third Lucas has produced that insists his gay porn performers are in love.

It seems to be the mindset of some major studio execs and much of the gay population in general that barebacking with a partner is somehow less risky than barebacking with a stranger. "I only bareback with boyfriends and people I know very well" has transitioned from being a Grindr headline to Michael Lucas' new operating standards. Is "love" the new condom?


Let it be clear that I do not believe shaming bareback sex or the performers and producers that take part in it is conducive to generating a discussion about safe sex in the gay porn industry (whether that means sex with condoms or safe and reliable testing procedures for bareback performers that choose to be tested), nor do I believe that gay men who bareback in their personal lives are evil.

I do, however, believe that the implication of bareback sex being less risky between partners is entirely irresponsible. I also believe that once the hoopla surrounding this new Lucas Entertainment series fades, the company will continue producing bareback content featuring models who are not romantically involved, and Michael Lucas will continue ignoring requests for an explanation. It's only courteous for an extreme advocate to explain himself after a sudden change of heart, regardless of the issue. I guess Michael Lucas doesn't understand advocacy work very well, or would rather spend time trying to take down his competitors than connecting with his inquiring fans.

"Boyfriends" is a cheap excuse to skirt the issue of barebacking in porn until everyone forgets the fact that these "boyfriends" were specifically used as a tactic to dodge a conversation about barebacking. We expect pornstars to "issue statements" about why they choose to have bareback sex— why don't we hold studio owners to the same standard?

Why are testing procedures confidential? Which studios say their testing procedures are confidential because they don't test at all (they exist!) and which studios say their testing procedures are confidential because they're not reliable? All great questions, none of which have been answered by any major studios.

So, Michael Lucas, my question to you is this: Why don't you think you owe an explanation for becoming a bareback porn producer after years of standing on a pedestal to renounce the evils of bareback sex? Do you believe barebacking is safer between boyfriends? Do you really believe we'll forget about it once your "boyfriends" series wraps? (Also, standing behind dangerous drugs like Truvada is a terrible excuse.)

Below, Lucas Entertainment's first three bareback scenes:

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