No One Can Fuck Bryan Cole Quite Like His Boyfriend Can

September 19, 2013 | Posted in Amateur by bradford-matthews

Even though Bryan Cole was robbed of a Cybersocket award for "Best Newcomer" last year, he's always remained a favorite here at Fleshbot, and an even bigger favorite among amateur porn enthusiasts. We've enjoyed watching him get fucked by some of the greats since his industry debut last year, but everyone knows this man's Xtube account is where the real magic happens.

Not since the Maverick Men have we seen such an impressive stockpile of amateur, self-shot pornography—it only seems to get better with every new locker room wank and public shower beat-off.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, Bryan Cole went and proved us wrong. He uploaded his first amateur video in which he's fucked by his boyfriend, and it is the greatest work of art we have ever seen. If you loved Bryan Cole before, be prepared to be swept off your feet with his latest intimate encounter:


Is he not the most intensely passionate cock-rider you've ever seen? Doesn't it make you want to date Bryan Cole and have him ride your cock like this every night?

We're not saying it's any better than his professional work, but okay we lied. It definitely is. Don't believe us? Compare with Bryan Cole's most recent scene for Hot House, where try as he may, Connor Maguire will never satisfy Bryan Cole the way his boyfriend can:

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