Now This Is What We Call Morning Sex

July 22, 2013 | Posted in gay by bradford-matthews

Some people just need a hot cup of coffee to get out of bed in the morning. For everyone else, there are raging hard dicks that burst into the room at 5am for a hot gang-bang whether you're ready or not. If this isn't the world's most amazing wake up call, we're not sure what is.

We've seen our fair share of "morning sex" scenes, but how long after you wake up does "morning sex" become "mid-morning sex"? One would argue that you can still have morning sex even if you've been awake for an hour waiting for a hooker to arrive, but we say proper "morning sex" can only happen if you haven't yet left the bed.

Whatever the case, you can't argue that FraternityX's Ryan is the king of morning sex. After bursting into new pledge Danny's bedroom at an ungodly hour, he waits a whopping 11 seconds before shoving his dick in this half-asleep newbie and passing his sloppy hole off to Morgan while everyone else continues sleeping.

We're not sure what prompted this early morning gang-bang, but chances are Danny deserved it.

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