25 Spectacular Public Fucks to Help You Celebrate Independence Day

July 4, 2013 | Posted in Amateur by bradford-matthews


Happy Independence Day! This is the time of year when we get to celebrate the perks of being an American, and what's more American than dropping your pants and fucking in public? Whether you're by the pool or hitting up a public restroom, today is the day to show your true colors by waving your peen in the open air. Doesn't that feel nice?

To celebrate our freedom to fuck, we've rounded up 25 spectacular public fucks to keep your Fourth of July interesting.

1. Jim Kerouac and Mick Lovell

Jim Kerouac is quickly on his way to replace Adam Archuleta as our favorite Bel Ami Fleshbot Boyfriend ever. Here's a scene from the popular Summer with Mick DVD, where the most important thing we noticed was the way Jim's foreskin drapes around the end of his dick while he's still hard. We're still having wet dreams about it. [Watch even more Jim Kerouac and Mick Lovell at Bel Ami]

2. Max Ryder and Dillon Rossi

This woodsy fuck was pretty special because it was Dillon Rossi's first time fucking on camera. After winning a contest to find the next big CockyBoys superstar for Max Ryder to fuck, Max took one look at Dillon's gorgeous dick and demanded to bottom. Kinda like everyone else. [Watch Max and Dillon fuck outdoors at CockyBoys]

3. Paddy O'Brian and Ray Diaz

Taking Paddy O'Brian's cock is something bottoms aspire to do, and nobody has done it quite as excitedly as Ray Diaz. From dirty slut to proper lady, Ray has a sexual appetite for any occasion, and what better occasion to be a hungry cock-destroying whore than a national holiday? [Watch Ray Diaz sit on Paddy's dick at Falcon]

4. Black Spark

Black Spark is fucking awesome, and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fucking in public. You need to click here right now[Check out more of Black Spark's work on Tumblr]

5. Jimmy Fanz and Zeb Atlas

Jimmy Fanz getting fucked anywhere is truly a thing of beauty, but watching him get slammed in an outdoor shower while a stream of water is running down his face is just insane. It's almost hot enough to make you forget he's bottoming for Zeb Atlas.  [Watch Jimmy Fanz bottom for Zeb Atlas in Falcon's "Into the Woods"]

6. Christian Wilde and Brandon Jones

Okay, so they're not exactly outside, but Christian Wilde and Brandon Jones make the cut not only because they're fucking in the back of a moving vehicle, but because they're engaging passers-by as they're doing it. Also, Brandon Jones cumming on the Golden Gate Bridge deserves a spot on any list. [Watch Christian Wilde and Brandon Jones in Into the Wilde at Naked Sword]

7. A beach blanket jerk

Witness the perfect new beach game! It's called ‘jerk yourself off using only the waistband of your board shorts until your shoot a hot load in the sand.' The trick is not to get too much sand underneath your balls, because it will inevitably end up in your asscrack. Well, let's be honest, you're going to get it everywhere but it's better to cum than not to cum, no question. [Check out more on Xtube]

8. Meatrack

Haaaay summer! Nothing says "Happy Independence Day" like finding someone to fuck in Fire Island's Meatrack, and that's exactly how Dominic Ford is spending his[Watch the premiere of Dominic Ford's "Meatrack" exclusively at Dominic Ford]

9. Ray Diaz's poolside gang-bang

Oh, look at that. Ray Diaz makes another appearance on our very important list. That's because Ray Diaz is fucking awesome, and when he's filming for the Maverick Men, he turns into a completely disgusting pig that just wants to be used[Watch Ray Diaz get fucked at On the Hunt and Maverick Men]

10. Johnny Forza and Adam Baer

[viddler id="362aa896" w=550 h=395 embed=html5fallback]

Screw fucking on the pool deck; it's too hot to get out of the water. Leave it to broke straight boy Johnny Forza to do the deed without ever leaving the pool—he almost never bottoms, but who could resist a hard dick underwater? [Watch Adam Baer fuck Johnny Forza underwater at  Broke Straight Boys]

11. Davis and the Maverick Men

No day at the beach is complete without the Maverick Men's blue-eyed babe, Davis. This little dude is always ready to get fucked, and he clearly doesn't care about getting caught in public[See more of Davis exclusively at Maverick Men]

12. Ty Roderick and Adam Rhodes

There are so many Ty Roderick scenes that should be on this list, but when it came down to choosing just one, we thought you needed to watch him fuck Adam Rhodes one more time. He's destined for fame, so hop on the bandwagon while it's still here! [Watch Ry Roderick drill Adam outside at Gay Room]

13. Jesse Santana and Jake Genesis

Welcome to Costa Rica, probably the only place in the world you can get away with doing exactly this. Jake Genesis and Jesse Santana rang in high tide with a brilliant beach fuck as part of Lucas Entertainment's "Original Sinners," and it's one of the last scenes Jake filmed before going insane. [Watch Jake Genesis pound Jesse Santana in the waves at Lucas Entertainment]

14. Diego Sans, Dante Ferraro and Derek Atlas

Once upon a time, Dante Ferraro bottomed for Diego Sans and Derek Atlas in the same scene, but not before lining their asses up at the pool for some sloppy rim jobs. They move indoors before getting too crazy, but if you lean in close enough, you can still smell their chlorine-soaked skin. Sadly, this was Dante's last scene with the studio. [Watch Diego, Dante, and Derek fuck in the grotto at Randy Blue]

15. Duncan Black and Derek Parker

Remember this scene? It was shot for Dominic Ford's third cycle of So You Think You Can Fuck. It didn't happen that long ago, but Duncan Black was still a newbie and we had no clue who Derek Parker even was! My, how things have changed. [Watch Derek Parker fuck Duncan Black in Dominic Ford's So You Think You Can Fuck]

16. Casey Tanner and Kellan Parker

School's out for summer! Let's fuck! The first episode of Helix Studios' "Helix Academy" found Kellan Parker and Casey Tanner fucking in the woods. Casey was so thirsty, he managed to pick up another very public BJ as soon as Kellan left. [Watch Kellan Parker pound Casey Tanner in the woods at Helix Studios]

17. Angel Rock and Trenton Ducati

Blowjob in public, anyone? Angel Rock doesn't fuck Trenton Ducati until they get inside, but there's an especially steamy public BJ here, and it was definitely the hottest scene of Trenton's career.  [Watch Angel Rock fuck Trenton Ducati in Dominic Ford's "Silence of the Cams"]

18. A public beach jerk


We've seen this guy whip it out on the beach before, we've even seen him projectile cum in the middle of a busy sporting goods store. If he can do it, so can you. You can do anything you set your cock to, we believe in you! Go forth, and careful of getting sand in your crack. [Check this dude out on Xtube]

19. Jess and Brent

Remember when Jess and Brent fucked in the back seat of a moving vehicle? We do[Watch Jess and Brent fuck at Sean Cody]

20. Tom Daley


Never forget.

21. An under-stall fuck


Perhaps you're not a fan of the beach or pool? Perhaps you enjoy taking your public fucks indoors? Lucky you, because that's exactly why public bathroom stalls are designed with under-stall gaps. [Check out this hot public fuck on Xtube]

22. Ty Roderick and Justin Chase

One more Ty Roderick scene. Why? Because he's sweating on Justin Chase's dick while fucking him. Unreal[Check out more of Ty Roderick and Justin Chase at Man Royale]

23. Connor Patricks & Co.

Not exactly outside, but public bathrooms hold a special place in our "public fucks" category. They're just as filthy as the dirt you'll find outside, only littered with even filthier cum pigs like Connor Patricks. Watch here as he gets gang-fucked while his "girlfriend" waits outside. [Watch Connor Patricks get gang-fucked at Bound In Public]

24. Colby Keller, Dale Cooper, JD Phoenix and Gabriel Clark

CockyBoys debuted the long-awaited Thing of Beauty trailer recently to rave reviews. Part erotic poem, part hardcore sex, this series has to be one of the most magical and intellectual we've ever seen. Plus, who doesn't love Colby Keller, Dale Cooper, JD Phoenix and Gabriel Clark[Watch A Thing of Beauty exclusively at CockyBoys]

25. Danny Palick and Connor Patricks

We can't quite put our fingers on it, but there's just something about Danny Palick that keeps us intrigued. We called him "cuter than a picnic basket full of puppies" after his first scene premiered, and just as quickly, he vanished. Best of all? He was a fucking BILLIONAIRE. Bill-yo-naire, baby. For real. [Watch Danny Palick fuck Connor Patricks at Falcon]

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