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The Top 7 Toon Pornos Every Nerd Should Know


As if New York City didn't already have it's fair share of superheroes, the kickoff of New York Comic Con is bound to bring a whole new lot of latex lovers and masked 'mos to the Big Apple this weekend. The absurdly popular nerd convention may not be inherently gay, but the promise of jacked men wearing spandex in public usually doesn't attract large numbers of straight dudes.

None of the booths are featuring porn star meet-and-greets this year (boo), but that doesn't mean cartoon porn stars don't exist. There's a web full of giant cartoon cock and exaggerated cumshots out there, and when a real dick just doesn't hit the spot anymore, you can try these imaginary fucks on for size.

1. Stonewall and Riot: The Ultimate Orgasm

You can't call yourself a porn enthusiast if you've never seen Stonewall and Riot: The Ultimate Orgasm (2006). The feature length animated film follows bangable superheros Stonewall and Riot, who not only fight crime in Eros City, but fuck the shit out of every male supervillain that crosses their paths. These twinky studs may be some of the best stars in the biz because, well, they never tire. When you're a cartoon, you can fuck in any position you want for as long as you want. And they do.

Laced with campy humor, this hour-long orgy is perfect because the stars are literally perfect performers. Nobody chokes on big black cock, bottoms are always good to go, and everyone is constantly horny. Being a non-human really has advantages, guys.

2. Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls

Undoubtedly one of Dominic Ford's more ambitious projects, Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls  (2012) will go down in gay history like Wakefield Poole's Boys in the Sand and Dawson's 50 Load Weekend. The film was nominated for twelve Grabby Awards and featured prominent nightlife celebrities like Drag Race's Mimi Imfurst and the Willy Wonka of gay New York, Daniel Nardicio.

Best of all, the film features a levitating threesome with Cameron Adams getting double fucked by Luke Marcum and Eddie Diaz. The thing that really cements it's rightful place in gay history, though, is its stamp of approval from actual Harry Potter star Emma Watson.

3. Camili-Cat
Gaymous graphic artist Patrick Fillion's Camili-Cat is an exaggerated, catlike rendition of your dream man, and the Camili-Cat series has an entire crop of original stars that all sport insanely huge dicks. Needless to say, these huge dicks cause quite a stir and more often than not, the sex is pretty rough. Forget trying to walk after taking this huge cat cock, you're probably going to need an ambulance with a straight shot to the emergency room.
4. Herodotus

Anonymous male erotica artist, Herodotus, is kind of like the Banksy of gay porn. Nobody knows his true identity or when he'll strike next, but the Internet is littered with his Photoshop art. The self-described "Master of Manipulation" takes real images already made famous in the gay porn world and re-imagines them with a superhero twist.

If you're a comic book nerd with an appreciation for gay porn, it really doesn't get any better than this. Herodotus can take your favorite stars and put them in places and situations you've always wanted to see. No fantasy is too specific once you've seen an Ancient Egyptian god fuck a white slave. Why didn't we learn history like this in school?

5. MeatCute

Not everyone is into heavily animated cartoon porn. Some of us are fans of a good ol' Archie-style comic strip. If a pulsating demon dick doesn't hit your G-spot, you may just need to take a break and try the MeatCute blog. The frequently-updated blog may not be as explicit as some of the more hardcore gay toon porn, but it's certainly not shy about showing things like trash-can-sized dick ripping into whimpering little twinks. What's best—these twinks don't scream when it hurts.

6. This amateur superhero porn

Now this is quite an accomplishment. The unnamed film that was most likely shot at Comic Con in years past has quickly become one of the most-watched amateur videos dominating the superhero porn category. Dressed to the nines, these real dudes stage an entire superhero fantasy complete with capes, masks, and uncensored dick. Sorry, Maskurbate. These dudes just one-upped you.

7. DemonicSex

Distributed by 666 Comics, DemonicSex is surely not for the faint of heart. Part fantasy porn and part horror flick, the series follows a hot young stud that finds himself demonized after being seeded by an anonymous trick he met online. In a world of fiery turmoil and oversized dicks, he finds himself roaming the city and demonizing the gay population by playing pump-and-dump in the city's back alleys and empty warehouses.

Too much for your tiny imagination? Imagine Trevor Yates as the monster from Jeepers Creepers.

As if the subject matter weren't controversial enough, 666 Studios has put a greenlight on production of the XXX film inspired by the popular books. For shelling out $99 a year in advance, you can snag a copy of the film autographed by its star, Samuel Colt.

Special thanks to GeeksOut and SkinTight USA

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