Gay Fleshbot's Crush Objects of 2011

December 30, 2011 | Posted in Editorial Features by cedric-dewittison

Gay Fleshbot's Crush Objects of 2011Another year, another group of hot as hell naked pornstuds who've risen from obscurity to win the much coveted title of official Fleshbot Crush Object. These are the men we've lusted over the most, fantasized endlessly about, and pray we'll get to meet next year, preferably under the covers. So, without further ado, presenting the hottest, hunkiest horndogs of 2011.

Gay Fleshbot's Crush Objects of 2011Jay Roberts: He's our #1. From the moment we spotted him last spring doing his morning routine in the buff, we were in love. His saucy blog, sassy Twitter, and many horny shout-outs to fans (including a few personal ones to us) have endeared this Eastern European hottie to our hearts and hard-ons. Anyone who addresses his fans as "my cum addicts" or "my sexy horny fetish addicted hookers" has us hooked for life.

Gay Fleshbot's Crush Objects of 2011Jimmy Clay: Sure he comes off as the lug-headed muscle jock that he is in real life, but that's why we love him. Jimmy oozes sex, turning every scene he's in into a passionate fuck session that leaves us breathless from the word go. While he tops as well as bottoms, he's clearly at his best with a rock hard dick rammed up his hole. One wouldn't expect such a hyper masculine stud to take cock so ravenously. Seriously, the man was born to get fucked.

Gay Fleshbot's Crush Objects of 2011Dominic Ford: Yes, he's a producer/director, not a pornstar, but anyone who can come up with something so deliciously wacky as "So You Think You Can Fuck" deserves a vaunted place in the Fleshbot Hall of Fame. The 10-week-long series was by far the most creative pornography of the year, cleverly spoofing reality TV shows while also being an engaging competition in and of itself. The sex is smoking, too. Anyone who films ginger Rick McCoy and Kevin Crows doing an underwater 69 deserves the highest laurels of the year.

Gay Fleshbot's Crush Objects of 2011Colby Keller: He's back! After winning Crush Object status last year, he's done it again thanks to his entertaining blog, easygoing personality, and insane ability to make fucking magic. He was also our inaugural guest blogger, writing some randy posts for Colby Keller Week.

Gay Fleshbot's Crush Objects of 2011Micah Brandt: As we said earlier this week, we've gotta give a high-5 to Micah for continuing to help diversify the lily white world of mainstream pornography, although we doubt he considers himself a crusader. His ability to remain popular, and then break through to the upper echelon of Falcon's stable of supreme hunks makes him a superstar in the making. Oh, and his asshole makes our jaws drop like a wolf in a Looney Tunes cartoon.

Gay Fleshbot's Crush Objects of 2011Austin Andrews and Zane Michaels: They're gay porn's best couple, having filmed the hottest sex scenes of the year. No porn pairing in 2011 has shown more electrifying chemistry than these studs, convincing us that, although they claim to be straight, they're madly in love. Anyone who follows our blog knows how much they make us pre-cum, since we write about them as often as a fiend does crack. Catch two of their hottest scenes here and here.

Gay Fleshbot's Crush Objects of 2011Francois Sagat: Our favorite brooding Frenchman returned to hardcore porn this year with his sex-fueled fantasia "Incubus." Anyone who manages to cross art and pornography, with a heavy dose of kink, and make it look sumptuously cinematic makes our dick twitch in seizures of pleasure.

Gay Fleshbot's Crush Objects of 2011Immanuel: Thank God! An Asian studpuppy in gay porn! Sean Cody's Immanuel broke another color barrier in pornography being one of the extremely few Asian performers to be seen anywhere in mainstream gay porn in years. Let's hope his multiple scenes on Sean Cody are only the start of a long, smutty career.

Gay Fleshbot's Crush Objects of 2011Tom Faulk: He's still a newbie, having only filmed a handful of scenes for, but Tom has enchanted our loins with his long feathered hair, '80s surfer look and ravenous asshole. He's everything you'd dream about for a blond twink.

Gay Fleshbot's Crush Objects of 2011D.O.: We gave our favorite Latin stallion endless love this year, jerking off to his every move. He easily has the most incredibly ripped body in the biz, all tight muscles, chiseled abs and rock hard cock. His sex scenes are more than thermometer busting fucking; he elevates making love to performance art worthy of Carnegie Hall, if Carnegie Hall were a back alley orgiastic bathhouse.

Honorable Mention:

Gay Fleshbot's Crush Objects of 2011Benjamin Godfre for being a legit male model unafraid to show his luscious cock. And for being pure sex on a fucking stick.

Gay Fleshbot's Crush Objects of 2011Adam Killian for being a powertop with the hottest bottom.

Gay Fleshbot's Crush Objects of 2011Ben Cohen for being a straight ex-Rugby player who now dedicates his life to running a foundation battling anti-gay bullying. And for being hawt hawt hawt.

Gay Fleshbot's Crush Objects of 2011Jessie Colter for mastering the ass-display technique called "The Arch."

Gay Fleshbot's Crush Objects of 2011Zach Sire, blogger at The Sword. With his ongoing, bizarre and desperately vitriolic campaign against Gay Fleshbot, yet bloodthirsty (not to mention mature) hunger to seek out vengeance at the slightest criticism, we figured poor, poor Miss Thing could use a lil' love in her life. *Hugz!*

(Cue his warmhearted anti-Fleshbot response to the above sentence in 5, 4, 3, 2...)

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