2011's Best New Websites for Finding Naked Manflesh

December 28, 2011 | Posted in Editorial Features by cedric-dewittison

2011's Best New Websites for Finding Naked ManfleshScouring the internet for naked men everyday, 365 days a year, we run into tons of new websites. Only a handful permanently merge into our man-loving memory. From regular hunks caught on camera to porn performers fucking for our pleasure, here are the websites we discovered in 2011 that we felt had the most unique approach showing us stripped down sexy studs.

2011's Best New Websites for Finding Naked Manflesh
It takes a bit of mad genius to create a website that features shots of shirtless men found exclusively from photo map sites like Google Street View. Since it must take untold hours of scouring to find such images, the updates have been few since we first wrote about the site in October. But for sheer cleverness and dedication, the crazy man-hungry concept remains tops. (The surfer here was caught on Google Maps in Australia!)

2011's Best New Websites for Finding Naked Manflesh4. TheFullEnglish.net
And now for something completely different. The Full English surprised us with its unadorned real British amateur beefcake, each of whom fulfilled a UK fantasy of some variety. Like Oliver to the right, whose ruddy-faced normality makes him look like a Rugby bloke we'd run into on any field throughout England...and get to see naked. The site's stance on romance and getting to extensively know the models personally before we reach the nudity makes it stand out from other British-themed websites. All these boys could be our boyfriends. As we wrote in our original post, more than our upper lip is stiff.

2011's Best New Websites for Finding Naked Manflesh3. TapThatGuy.com
What queen hasn't gone on vacation and snapped surreptitious photos of some stud minding his own business about town. Tap That Guy collects these worldwide photos in one place. Enjoy the cornucopia of unsuspecting global male hotness, doing what they do best: stand about looking sexy as sin. Since we first discovered the site in July, the updates have been a horn(y) of plenty. (This runner, for instance, was caught in Lansing, Michigan.)

2011's Best New Websites for Finding Naked Manflesh2. IsAnyoneUp.com
The cruelest of sites is based on revenge, where jilted ex-lovers post nudie photos of guys, paired with their Facebook profile and real name. As we wrote back in July, be careful about sending out your nude photos. They'll end up somewhere. (Our favorite Is Anyone Up? posting is a nude "Spiderman The Musical" chorus boy fingering his ass!)

2011's Best New Websites for Finding Naked Manflesh1. AustinZane.com
From the second we discovered AustinZane.com in April, we were smitten. Over the year, Austin Andrews and Zane Michaels have redefined devoted bromance to include some of the hottest, most naturally passionate gay sex on the internet today, even though they both claim to be straight. They're constantly creative in their sexual situations, making sex full of laughing playtime, rather than serious faces and phoned in dirty talk. They're our winner for Best Website of 2011, as you see from our frequent shout-outs!

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