Pat Bateman Resurfaces to Sell His Body

September 26, 2011 | Posted in Editorial Features by cedric-dewittison

Pat Bateman Resurfaces to Sell His BodyFormer Fleshbot Nemesis Pat Bateman has returned to peddling his flesh for cash. We thought we saw the last of him years ago, but like running into that horrid ex-boyfriend, Bateman's mug has popped up online again.

If him ogling straight porn on a degraded bottom's back and doing jail time wasn't terrible enough, this infamous gay-for-payer has decided to return to escorting, wishin and hopin that we'd have forgotten about his past. We haven't.

Pat Bateman Resurfaces to Sell His BodyHis newly updated claims he's "in SF for a few days" while "currently serving Manhattan." Bateman surely believes he is God, but we hardly think he can be in both places at once. If you want to spend time with him, as you suck him while he distractedly watches the Playboy Channel, that'll cost $400 an hour. Or fork out $1500 and perhaps he'll fuck you overnight as he fingers his own rented female, Cody Cummings style.
Pat Bateman Resurfaces to Sell His Body

We love when old pornstars reappear, so let's welcome Miss Bateman back with open arms. Or not.

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