Enter the Secret World of Transman Sex

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Enter the Secret World of Transman SexFemale-to-male transsexual pornstar Buck Angel has revolutionized sexual norms by building a brand around the sexiness of men with vaginas. The concept of how a FTM transsexual has sex, however, remains a challenging concept for many. In his fascinating new film, "Sexing the Transman XXX," Buck takes a very intimate look at the sensual lives of transmen, remaining sexy, steamy, educational, and entertaining.

When the film kicks off with an operatic aria, it's announcing itself as something completely different. Three twinky trans dudes and one hunk each tell their story about their physical transformation into males, followed by the time honored masturbation scene. The tales are surprisingly informative, specifically in how testosterone, or "T" treatments completely changed their attitudes towards sex. After shedding their female forms for more masculine features, several interviewees began to feel comfortable with their bodies for the first time in their lives. Their desire increased, as did their openness for sex with different types of partners. Some identify as gay, some as straight, some bisexual, pushing the fluidity of sexuality to its very limits. Reaching this second puberty of sorts finally enabled them to live fully sexually satisfying lives.

Enter the Secret World of Transman Sex"Top surgery"—the removal of breasts to create a male chest—is often discussed, and perhaps a bit fetishized. Buck, who directs and photographs, takes great pleasure as the men show off the scars on their chests. As one cutie performer M.J. (shown left) points out, these self-described "battle scars" become a source of pride in transitioning into manhood. Many questions are asked about the sensitivity of the nipples. Some guys have had the nerve endings of their nipples removed, remarking that nipple play does nothing for them. However, M.J. kept his nerve endings, making his nips so extra sensitive as to be somewhat painful.

One of M.J.'s boyfriends called his vagina his "bonus hole." Isn't that sweet?

Enter the Secret World of Transman SexThen comes the inevitable question of how transmen have sex. All of the boys here have retained their vaginas, although the testosterone has caused their clitorises to grow slightly larger, becoming what the guys refer to as their dicks. As they work over their dicks, and finger and dildo their pussies, these guys clearly have the sexual confidence to work themselves up to orgasm for our viewing pleasure. One man, Eddie, works over his dick with a blue penis pump to show us different modes of stimulation. Each deserves applause for their bravery to do this on film, for feeling infinitely more secure in their sexuality than most "cis" dudes. What's a cis dude?, you ask. It's a term used in the trans community for people who feel biologically aligned with the gender they were born with. In other words, men born with a cock who are happy being male.

The final scene has Buck himself getting deliciously down and dirty with a transman named Fallen—a Fallen Buck Angel? As they they lick, finger and dildo hump each other to orgasm, the deep sexual connection between them is more palpable and real than most "cis" porn produced in major gay porn conveyor belt factories.

We see hundreds of porn scenes and dozens of films every month, most blurring into a bland sameness of cold-eyed dutiful sex. Kudos to Buck for *ahem* bucking the trend of gender normative pornography, showing transmen as sexual beings who aren't doing pornography merely to cash a paycheck, but instead to help the world at large understand their sexual desires and arousal. This eye-opening peek into a secret world goes a long way into demystifying trans sex, humanizing them on the most intimate level, and creating a greater embrace of awareness and acceptance.

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