New Website takes Bromance to the Sexual Extreme

April 18, 2011 | Posted in gay by cedric-dewittison

New Website takes Bromance to the Sexual ExtremeA good friend always lends a helping hand, right? is the brain child of two best friends, Austin Andrews and Zane Michaels. They're purportedly completely straight, but such deep, close friends that they just can't help having sex together. Um, did they say straight?

Austin and Zane used to be on now defunct According to The Sword, after the owners of that site moved to Kentucky, the BFs, er, BFFs stayed in Vegas and founded the site that takes their names. For a newbie site, it's pure hotness right outta the gate. Whether or not the duo are really gay or straight, they're banking on their approach as two best buds who help each other out once in a while—with blowjobs, fucking and kissing—and filming it all for us to see.

It works.

Whether bromance or secret gay romance, these two have explosive chemistry. They're so in tune it's difficult to believe they're straight. They're Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with buttfucking. If it's faked, their affection and joy at getting each other off is Oscar worthy. Watching them share their charming friendship with us is so delightful that each episode isn't merely about sex, but about the evolution of their strictly platonic, non-gay love affair. The scene where Zane supposedly bottoms for the first time sizzles! Here's a trailer:

Since they're new, they don't have many updates yet. If the series of fun set-ups (beerpong strip poker and football winner gets a massage) and model interviews are any indication,'s going on our porny bookmarks permanently.


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