The Secret Sex Videos the University of Hawaii Doesn't Want You to See

March 18, 2010 | Posted in gay by brian-o-brien

The Secret Sex Videos the University of Hawaii Doesn't Want You to SeeYesterday, gay blog Queerty had an excellent story about a gay student who got in some trouble for filming himself jerking off in University of Hawaii classrooms. It wasn't hard to find the videos, but we sure are hard now!

This is SpeedoStudent1 who has two very active fetishes, Speedos and exhibitionism. To make the two work together, he's been filming and photographing himself jerking off in all of his classrooms at UH. The university isn't so keen on this (though he's not hurting anyone) and has fought back a bit. They've instructed students "not to approach him, call security" and threatened to kick him out of school. We have to admit that his quest to film himself jerking off in every classroom where he's had a lecture (and document it on his blog) is a little bit odd, but since he is a curly-topped, blond twink, we're looking past it. And as we said before, it's harmless fun. Queerty has tons of pictures, but they didn't uncover the videos including his magnum opus, a film where he jacks off in, on, and around a table in a university room. Enjoy! And if this kid—who is currently making grade-A porn on the internet for free—isn't getting calls from every major porn studio and website, then there is something seriously wrong with the world.

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