Hey, You Guys Wanna Fund Cole Money's Wedding... To A Woman? Screen shot 2014 12 02 at 2.08.30 pm featured

If there's one constant in this world, it's that gay porn stars suck at crowdfunding. They're terrible at it. They think they can use it for the most asinine shit imaginable like hocking their medical marijuana book, staying in LA because they apparently suck at managing money, and even marrying the girl of their dreams... Wait, what?

Five Men Who Literally Got Fucked On Their Wedding Day 48577 04 featured

There are countless gay pornstars who have been fucked "the night before their wedding" and some even on the actual day of wedding, if we're to believe the numerous scenes that present the "experimental groom" scenario. Men in gay porn have been trading in their brides for young cumsluts for as long as gay porn has existed — but what makes the whole fantasy so enticing?

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One of porn's most high-profile couples have...