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Five Essentials Colby Keller Needs For His Cross-Country Fuck Fest Colby keller trip featured

As we reported yesterday, Colby launched an Indiegogo campaign to bankroll his dream of swapping bodily fluids in all 50 states, announcing that he needs $35,000 in order to buy a van, a mattress, and some cameras to presumably launch an original gay porn website following his journey. Think a seedier version of the award-winning Cockyboys RoadStrip featuring a post-pubescent cast, fucking in the back of a van without all the Bait Bus blindfold shenanigans.

Here are five things we'd like to see on your Big Shoe Adventure, Colby.

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The Key To Our Hearts (And Pants)

For those of us who live in northern parts of the country, it's finally starting to get cold, and we're starting to think about which warm weather destination we're going to head to for a week of bathhouse hopping relaxation this January. Key West is trying to lure the gay travelers down to their little island in the best way they know how, with a website full of half naked guys cavorting in pools, beaches, and outdoor showers. Or rather, the web-based photo essay "Return to Key West," by travel photog Jason Rowan, is full of sultry suggestive shots (same thing, right?). While you won't see any flesh south of the equator on the official website, Rowan sent us along a few steamy outtakes, cause we all know you Fleshbot readers aren't going to perk up unless you see at least an asscrack. Check out the gallery after the jump.

Meet The New Gridskipper

Reading about the best fetish parties in Tokyo or the hottest strippers in London is all well and good, but as practical matter ... how the hell are you supposed to find these things once you get there?

Gloryholes 101: A User's Guide

We try not to make a habit of using text ads we see on porn sites as resources for post topics, but when one kept popping up recently during our "research" that offered to teach us all the secrets of hot gloryhole action, how could we resist?

World's Sexiest Cities

Our worldly siblings at Gridskipper have been around the block a few times, but they realize that the public also knows a thing or two about the best destinations for tourists who want to get a little wild.