Top Ten Most Viewed Celebrity Posts Of 2017 Most searched celebrity posts 69f4e40d featured

It's 2018, which means it's time to look back at last year in review and really reflect on the important things in life. Like.... what made us jizz our pants over the past 365 days! These are the ten posts that you guys clicked on the most in 2017, and the results honestly make me love you all even more! Except the Dustin McNeer thing. Have some respect for yourselves. JK. Let us know if you agree with your fellow peen lovers out there in the comments!

MOAR Hot Nudity From Call Me By Your Name! Call me by your name nudity 79f6b17c featured

Yes plz, nude Armie Hammer plowing Timotheé Chalamet OMG Blog

Tyson Beckford visible penis head to celebrate birthday Instinct

This first Guydar guy... yummzzz Boy Culture

Ugly knit jockstraps for Insta likes Banana Guide

This hottie just cast as Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar Live Mr. Man

Classic locker room shower clip The Banana Blog

Logan Moore eight-way bareback gangbang for Christmas Queer Me Now

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The Call Me By Your Name Nude And Gay Scenes Are Here Call me by your name nudity 82912b48 featured

Well, well, well, well, well. After forty-five-years of hype and three-thousand interviews, we finally have a peek at the nude and gay scenes from gay film extravaganza Call Me By Your Name, and they do not disappoint! OR do they? That's really going to be up to you to decide, but I'm definitely all sorts of feeling these GIFs, especially the side testicles we get from Armie Hammer during the crotch grab heard round the world! Or at least the Gay Internet.