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Bonafide “Tens” Jonah Fontana and Ian Greene hook up and Jonah knows just where to go - The Ten Spot.

Woody Fox and Brandon Wilde Are Next Up To Fuck At The Ten Spot Woody fox brandon wilde naked sword 10 9f178929 featured

In episode 1 of "The Ten Spot", it was revealed that Woody Fox owns one of those places you can fuck in The Castro for $10/hour. But he doesn't just own it for the extra cash - He loves watching all the hot men come fuck at his place! After he and Brandon Wilde watch some hot action through a peephole, they make some hot action of their own. 


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WAIT. There Are Places In The Castro You Can Rent To Fuck For $10 AN HOUR? Calvin banks micky jr nakedsword 06 7add491a featured

If this happens and is old news, forgive me - I'm just a shy, sheltered boy from Oklahoma.