Gallery: Student Services with Noah White and Wes Campbell (Helix Studios) Student services 016 6a760a0f featured

College cutie Wes Campbell is so dedicated he's studying on a Saturday at his deserted campus. Naughty boy Noah White is pecocking and doing EVERYTHING from parkour to flipping over railings to get the hottie's attention. It finally works and the tasty twosome wind up in the student services center servicing each other severely!

Gallery: Student Services - Noah White,Wes Campbell (helixstudios) Student services 042 2aee109f featured

The best part of shipping off to an out of state college, with full on dorm rooms, to have Student Servers like Noah White and Wes Campbell!

Fine Ass Pics Of Yale Students Stripping At Football Game 3a90183e00000578 0 image m 69 1479610183139 copy featured

Gallery: Tyler Hill and Alex Killborn - (Helix) Peer pressure 028 featured

Clean cut Tyler spots Alex and brings him back for a hot dorm room fuck.

Studying Sucks, So Suck My Campus Cock British uni boys blowjob featured

British university boys, aged between 19 and 24 discovering all about academia and sex. There’s got to be so much wild testosterone flying around a Uni campus that I am surprised they don’t have staff employed to constantly throw buckets of cold water over the students.

Evan Parker, Dylan Hall, & Daniel Bishop (Helix Studios) 305x99 web

Class is out for the day but Daniel Bishop, Evan Parker and Dylan Hall stay late to do some studying. After everyone leaves the three twinks can't resist the temptation of having an incredibly hot and steamy threesome. Dylan takes turns sucking on Evan and Daniel's raging hard boners but is soon lying on his back taking their huge cocks from both ends. These smooth and sexy boys have tons of fun before finishing things off by cumming all over Dylan's tender lips.

It's Cyber-Hump Day And We've Got Our Eyes On Some Wicked Trainers

At least we think that's what the kids are calling them these days. These humping boyfriends sure have great taste in footwear, if this were a promotional video stockrooms across the land would surely be empty by Sunday.

When There's A "Sniffer's Reward," Everyone Wins Fb sniff web

Dang, Mr. Ducati sounds like a serious asshole. He gives out way too much homework and grades tests a little too harshly. But he's actually a porn star that's waiting in the other room to come fuck you, so he can't be that bad. Right? Kirk Cummings and Tony Newport get what's coming to them when Mr. Ducati catches them with their faces in his gym clothes, shoes and jock strap. Nothing is off limits for these two nosey kids—after all, when there's a "sniffer's reward" involved, who wouldn't want a deep inhale of some fresh, sweaty ball scent.

New Zealand Home Of World's Only All-Male Nude University Custom 1247596609310 20090714gaythumb web

At the University of Otaga in Kiwi-land, the boys are bountiful and seemingly always naked. This gaggle of nubile twinks doesn't give a toss about flashin' their willies in front of their buds, even putting on a camp all-nude revue.

These series of sketches are made to bust some apparent myths about life as a scarfie — the nickname given to the student body when they started wearing the swishy fashion accessory in the 60s. We've always had a fondness for ascot-like accoutrements. Even though we do wish there were more close-ups of the boys' bits, their gusto at being nude with their fellow man turns us on enough.

We can't make out what they're caterwauling about in the opening musical number, but Christ-in-a-sling it's sexy! Note the two numbers casually reclining on the stage floor.

Watch all the way to the final scene, where, like the Les Miz Act I Finale flag waving battle cry "One Day More," the boys come out of the woodwork on a small country street to rally for nakedness. Why, oh, why can't we ever be caught in this mob instead of amongst the midwestern tourists taking over Times Square this time of year? Surely, once the camera cut, they had an on-the-spot orgy.

This also once again shows how puritanical American guys are about nudity. We seriously doubt the USC Swim Team would parade around fully exposed like these sassy chaps on the opposite side of the equator.

Any of you who could help us get tenure at this school, please pass along your tips. We'd GLADLY oversee Otago U's full-body entrance exam!