Sexiest Time-Traveling Dicks And Butts Ever! Heughan outlander 45da17b7 infobox c2d5cafa featured

Oh you wanted a twist? Daylight Savings Time presents the perfect opportunity to ponder the hottest actors who have appeared nude in movies about time-traveling, and what do you know, you can see them right here! Arnold SchwarzeneggerHugh Jackman, and Sam Heughan are just a few of the stacked actors in store for you in the video above!

Hunk of the Week: Battle of the Starz! Network Edition Starz hunks featured

This week's Hunk of the Week showdown features a battle for the ages between two different Starz! Network hunks from two different eras. If you like your men modern, Power's Omari Hardwick is about as modernly magnificent as it gets. If you like a throwback kind of guy, Outlander's Sam Heughan has nothing to hide underneath his kilt!

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I Almost Forgot To Tell You About All The Great Nudity On 'Outlander' & 'Penny Dreadful' Menzies outlander bbe772dd infobox featured

Pay cable really stepped up its game last weekend on both Showtime's Penny Dreadful as well as the first season finale of Outlander.