Tom Daley Visits the Beach, Lies Face-Down In A Towel with His Ass In the Air Fb 20130508tomdaley web

Luckily for us, he spent the better half of that beach retreat hunched over on his towel, sexting friends while his perky little bum stood on display for the anon hookup he arranged on Grindr. (The hookup never showed up.)

The Epic 'Men of UK' Preview You've Been Waiting For Fb men of uk sample web

"Europeans have a reputation for being the raunchiest, nastiest fuckers on the planet." Get ready for some amazing shit, kids!

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Finally an American Athlete to Sexually Objectify 500x 39732pcn roddickdecker01 web

We're always posting pictures of hot jocks all...

Daniel Craig Needs to Stop Shoving his Vacation and Hot Body in Our Face Custom 1231389702855 gallery enlarged richardgere danielcraig stbarts park photos 01062009 10 web

Ok, well, don't really stop, but he is still on...

Photos Prove That Mark Wahlberg Doesn't Have A Pot To Piss In Custom 1228157618107 spl63459 003wtmk.preview web

These days, the only thing Mark Wahlberg has...

Cock Rock: Rockers With Their Pants Down

Although our taste in musical crush objects ran more towards Duran Duran than Mötley Crüe and Poison when we were growing up (can you tell we were gay?)

Cristiano Ronaldo's Morning Wood

We're determined that our cubemates on the boobiecentric side of the good ship Fleshbot will not corner the market on morning wood. So let's start today's posts with our own version, shall we?

Morning Wood

· Wow, has it really been a whole month since we last wrote about Lindsay Lohan? These pictures of her mysterious crotch bulge are just her way of saying she misses us. (

· Get 'em while they're hot: Tickets are now on sale for the AVN Awards Show in January. We hope the money from our paper route will be enough to cover it. (

· A candidate for sheriff in Aspen, Colorado, can't understand why a 12-minute art video he made has caused such a stir. The scene where he digs a hole in the ground and then masturbates into it is probably not related. (

· So what if your real estate agent also happens to be a gay pornstar (and that the "news" happens to be common knowledge already)? Why do you think those movies are always shot in such interesting locations? (