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They always say that the best thing about doing porn in your youth is that it will remain on the Internet for the rest of time, and it looks like Russell Tovey's new hubby-to-be Steve Brockman was one of the lucky guys to get in on the action! Tovey is the acclaimed openly sexy actor that you might recognize from projects such as Looking and Quantico, and his fiancé Brockman is the super hottie former rugby player and former former porn star that you might recognize from your bookmarked Randy Blue videos!

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This week Tom Hardy's ass in Taboo is available on Blu-ray, Jamie Dornan hits the big screen (and Dakota Johnson!) in Fifty Shades: Freed, once-nude Party Down cutie Thomas Lennon stars in The 15:17 To Paris, and of course, the sexy cast of Altered Carbon including Joel Kinnaman strip down for Netflix!

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We have a LOT of hot dude news to cover today, but fist and fore-moist, we have got to get to the nudity from the new flick My Friend Dahmer! Super cutie and Disney School of Sexiness alum Ross Lynch takes on the role of infamous(... ly sexy!) serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, and gives us an amazing look at his tight twink bod!

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