Armie Hammer Talks About Going Nude For 'Call Me By Your Name' T call me by your name 65298e43 featured

Armie said the cast spent quite a few days shooting the movie in the buff. Meanwhile, I'm now applying to be a PA on any movie that may include nudity. 

Shirtless Aquaman In The 'Justice League' Trailer Is Enough To Quench Your Thirst... For Now Jason momoa as aquaman in justice league adb93c26 featured

Although we can't wait to see more of Jason Momoa in the film, the cuts that made it into the trailer are enough to hold us over. Is that why they call them 'teasers'? 

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Justin Hartley Makes Getting Waxed Romantic In 'A Bad Moms Christmas' Justin hartley bad mom christmas db34d50f featured

"I’ll hold my butt-crack open for you anytime you want..."