Drag Race Star Milk Looks Just Like Madonna Sixty Years Ago In New Commercial Milk ru paul 79525dc4 featured

Earlier this year we picked RuPaul's Drag Race star Milk as the hottest queen out of drag - which isn't necessarily a revelation considering his thirst bucket fans ready for his creamy goodness are probably the only reasons he nabbed an All Stars 3 spot - but I'm starting to regret giving him any endorsement now that he's legit about to take away the crown as most buzzed about drag queen! Noooo. Milk is all over the media now that Madonna has christened him her latest earthly vessel. He portrays her in a commercial for herskincare line MDNA, and yeah, I want my skin to look more like Milk's than Madonna's, so, savvy move. 

Birthday Boy Toy: Watch All James Franco Nude Movie Roles Franco sonny e2dd933a infobox featured

On this very special Birthday Boy Toy we look at all of James Franco's nude movie roles. You win, James!

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Milk Does a Horny Middle Eastern Body Good Xlarge milkstaghomme web

Who'd've thunk milk raises the libido better...