Cazzo Club AJ, Aymeric deVille, Mike Bomer and Ruben Mastin Fuck In A Leather Store Aj  aymeric deville  mike bomer ruben mastin cazzo club  06 bff8a01a featured

Customer Mike Bomer saw AJ and Aymeric deVille and joined in. Then the shop cashier Ruben Masten joined in to complete the foursome. Talk about putting the "service" in "customer service".

Gallery: Fire Dance - Kristen Bjorn (nakedsword) Ns firedance 7 featured

Fire Dance in a medieval dungeon in a giant castle. Hot men come to tour the old building's beauty, then get kidnapped through secret walls and tied up in the darkest hidden rooms. The castle employees inevitably have their way, and the screams of passion can be heard echoing throughout and passed on as ghostly howls to other hot tourists.

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Help Santa Get In Touch With His Kinky Side... Befunky img 1533 670x378 featured

Santa might be a kinky dude, but nobody knows, because nobody's ever seen the guy and lived to tell the tale. Let's say he does like to wear a nice leather harness under his red suit, don't you think he'd like you to decorate him some gingerbread leather daddies this year?