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Vince Sant probably thinks he's not amateur, but he's made a living out of hawking diet supplements and lord knows what else, and probably definitely sucks in real life, so today's he's our dirty little slut amateur! And about that "every girl likes a man with a butt" comment on one of these leaked Snapchat pics? Grl, you gay. So, do you want to sit on Sant's lap?!

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Yes I said "hung" because even though you read Disney School of Sexiness alum Kenton Duty as Stumpy McStumperson after seeing his last round of leaked dick pics, these new ones reveal that he's actually packing a hot thick long dong! you guys also called out Duty for probably leaking his own dick pics in order to achieve the prestige that comes with making it onto the Gay Internet, and ya, I'd say he's definitely releasing these, and that he wouldn't look out of place getting pounded over a four wheeler at Bromo.

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You can't see me right now obviously, but I'm doing the old WB Michael J. Frog dance in the office thanks to these amazing leaked dick and asshole shots from bull riding sensation Bonner Bolton. I mean it's right there in the name! Bonner has won all kinds of awards for the way can squeeze his taint around a bull for eight seconds, but outside of that super non-gay sport, he's become a star in his own right thanks to an appearance on Dancing With the Stars. And as of today, Bonner's Fleshbot Gay famous, so I hope he has room on his résumé! 

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Those of you thinking that Xavier Serrano is Nobody McNobody are, in fact, nobodies yourselves - like I was forty seconds ago - because he's actually an international modeling superstar hailing from Spain with well over a half million Instagram followers and counting! The twenty-four-year-old could honestly get my taint popping off with just his amazing shirtless bod - hell I could probably climax after just seeing a square inch snippet of his face - so you can only imagine that these new leaked dick pics from Xavier Serrano are causing a full bodily meltdown below my beltline. I'm honestly afraid to look down!

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Guys with anemic IMDB profiles but millions of Instagram followers are like totally my thing, mostly because they're just ripe for leaked dick pic fame! Enter Twan Kuyper, who is apparently a person living on this earth - possibly a singer, possibly a dancer, possibly a model, who knows, that's the fun in it - and apparently he has a hot cock and balls that he doesn't mind showing off! 

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Um, hi eyefuckingbrows! Blake Michael is a Disney School of Sexiness alum who starred on one of their shows called Dog with a Blog, and he also made one-off appearances on True Blood and Melissa & Joey. AKA he's a fucking superstar and deserves our respect, especially now that we can see his gorgeous hairy body and hot cock in some insanely yummers leaked dick pics!

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I seriously cannot believe that I thought Cameron Dallas' ugly haircut was news earlier today, because now we have the alleged Miles Teller leaked jack off video on our hands, and it is HAWT! This is news. This is my Spotlight. It's late on a Friday now so I'm going to have to breeze through this, but I was not about to leave you guys without a Miles Teller dick video throughout the weekend. I signed an oath. 

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