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Ezra Ezra read all about it! Rite ladies. Rite. If hottie with a bottie Ezra Miller didn't do anything for you when he stripped down in The Stanford Prison Experiment (2015), or when he was pure Mennonite wizard fantasy in Fantastic Beasts, then hopefully this super sexy shirtless shoot from Interview Magazine will do the trick! Miller appears as a gay 80's bullfighter, and in addition to giving the kind of face that makes me look at my face and weep, for who could learn to love... a beast, Ezra strips off his shirt to show off his ripped bod, perfect hairy chest and, of course, pits! If there was ever a time before stars shoved their pits in our faces twenty-four seven, I shudder to think of it.

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Some people have all the luck.

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The freakishly sexy "The Flash" actor is one of the biggest names in Hollywood right now, but we remember when he went nude in The Stanford Prison Experiment! Check out his bod right here.