Mr. Man Minute: Sexiest Disney Princes Nude And More Marsden death at funeral f71b35de infobox 02964f4a featured

When you wish upon a dick!

Who's The Sexiest Male Disney Character Of All Time? Zootopia jason bateman as nick wilde featured

Once upon a slime! It's no secret that Disney dreams up some damn fine specimens of masculinity, and today we're going to pick the sexiest male Disney character ever. Take a look at these examples that really do make creams come true!

Your Cartoon Favorites Love Gay Sex, Too Xlarge aladdin001 web

Only the smuttiest, most debauched, more...

Samuel Colt And Chris Porter Bring A Little Pornstar Magic To The Magic Kingdom 340x 6a00d8341ca4b653ef01348361f17f970c 450wi web

"Hey Samuel!"

You Better Be Careful Or Disney Will Sue Your Naked Ass For Copyright Infringement Custom 1245639834443 nemo web

If you and your fairy princess want to star in a home-made sex movie that's one thing, but there is no reason to drag little fish Nemo into it. Especially if you don't want Disney's lawyers knocking on your door.

We can't figure out just what that Nemo image that keeps popping into the bottom of the frame is. Sheets? A video cover? And where are these boys fucking? Is it on an air mattress on the floor? Damn, and we thought those Sean Cody boys had it bad fucking in the same three sets every damn time. This just has to be uncomfortable. No wonder these power fuckers keep changing positions every minute. Even with all the craziness, this is still a hot scene with a great cum shot at the end. Really, Mickey Mouse will be proud.