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Matthew Camp's taintular region isn't really a secret anymore, and if anything, it's the familiar friend on the Gay Internet that lets me know everything in this topsy turvy world is going to be okay. In a new dick video, the non-porn star's fat suckable junk greets us with a playful jiggle, and I'm honestly both hot and bothered! Notice how Camp delicately displays his balls like he's on the Home Shopping Network. I'll take 'em!

DO Feed the Bears Bear gay sex amateur featured

It looks like this is a meat eating species!

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Wolf boy gets to ride big daddy two while jerking off. And it sounds like his bear cums inside him while he is doing so. There’s another cum shot at the end, so plenty of free porn to see here.

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The camera is a bit wobbly, the guy we are looking at is a bit of a distance away and the quality is not wonderful. But all those things make the spy camera stuff far more believable and that makes it all far more horny to see.

Skipping To The Happy Ending Xlarge picture 5 web

The last time we even hinted at our hot masseuse about a possible happy ending we got our faces slapped and our spines woefully misaligned. This guy seems to be having better luck.

In fact, it would seem that this video either begins way after the start of the session or Xtube user ken_park managed to simply skip the pretense of an actual massage all together. Regardless of which is the case, these guys make a pretty strong argument against foreplay. Why waste an hour on an aggressive Swedish rubdown when you know you've got this kind of action waiting for you at the end? Any business establishment that provides such thorough and satisfying service (hell, any place with a top who looks like that) is doing a bang up job in our book!

When Life Imitates Porn 504x picture 1 web

In the epic cultural war between studio and amateur porn it's almost impossible for us to pick sides. Luckily, Xtube hotty muscleXXL makes sure we don't have to.

Sometimes it seems that the studios maintain a monopoly on the perfect, manicured bodies we all sometimes fantasize about having (and/or fucking). Then again, in even some of the less-than-spectacular amateur clips out there the amateurs maintain a spontaneity and passion that the studio productions often lack.

That's why we're falling rapidly in lust with this guy. On the one hand, he's got a porn star body and porn star moves (as made evident by the incredibly satisfied bottom). On the other hand, the sex is just convincing enough to set your mind running through a mental highlight reel of your fondest, greatest sexual hits.

Check out Xtube user muscleXXL's page for a couple of other equally great videos.

The Case For Making Porn Body-Type Blind 504x picture 7 web

We're pretty big advocates of all the bears and cubs and other mammalian types out there making amateur porn. Sexy comes in all different shapes, sizes, and degrees of furriness and we don't discriminate!

But as difficult as it is to find quality videos featuring our curvier, hairier brothers, it's even rarer to come across a video of a cute bear having sex with anyone other than-well-another cute bear. If sex between races can make it in the mainstream, why can't sex between body types do the same? That's why it warms our hearts to see Xtube user youngbearchaser's enthusiastic embrace of our curvier, hairier brothers.

That's not to say that he's doing the cute cub bottom in this video any favors. With his looks and dick-sucking skills we'd say this guy doesn't have too much trouble with the fellas.

Keep an eye out for the 3:11 mark where the camera first pans up to give us a look at our cub's back. We swear it's like gazing into the magical forests of Narnia, and we mean that in the sexiest possible way.

Cub Hunting With Thatkid83

Thursdays can get a little hairy at Fleshbot's Summer Palace, what with all the email and travel maps and gerbil races and whatnot. So we feel it's totally appropriate for a little hirsute pursuit--a warm, fuzzy stress-reliever that'll wake us up and leave a few short-and-curlies between our teeth. And thanks to Xtube hottie Thatkid83, we think we know just where to look. Hell, why take a mountain hike when the bear cubs can come straight to you? (Click thumbnail for video.)