Billy Eichner Fucks Colton Haynes' Brains Out On American Horror Story Screen shot 2017 10 12 at 3 36 19 pm c8fe98a2 featured

Wow, television really wasn't dicking around last night! Or.... was it? I've only used that lame joke forty-five thousand times. So we already took a look at the very shirtless and very stacked K.J. Apa from the season two premiere of Riverdale, but I hope you saved up a couple of jizz droplets, because now we're going to check out a shirtless fuck scene on American Horror Story starring the openly sexy menz Billy Eichner and Colton Haynes!

Evan Peters Jacks Off In Front Of Billy Eichner In New AHS Evan peters nude c0abc62b featured

Actors jacking off in front of each other on Ryan Murphy's gay porn horror franchise American Horror Story seems downright wholesome compared to previous sensual encounters like, oh IDK, Max Greenfield getting defiled by a drillbit dildo on AHS: Hotel. And honestly, this new scene from AHS: Cult, depicting hottie with a bottie Evan Peters  jerking his cock in front of shirtless hairy cutie Billy Eichner, isn't the craziest thing to come from Murphy's pervtastic mind, but it is one of the fucking hottest! 

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