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[WATCH: "Need A Hand Zack? The Making Of" - Maskurbate]

Pascal gives Zack Lemec a helping hand as he shows off his stripper moves at Maskurbate

Need a hand zack? maskurbate

Sometimes you need a helping hand!

Zack Lemec is one of Maskurbate's most popular models. Not only that, but he's MY favorite Maskurbate model. He's got a great body, amazing cock, great face, and just je ne sais quoi sexiness about him.

So when Pascal got a lot of demands to see a scene up close and personal, who better to show them than with Zack?

Zack Lemec has actually stripped on Maskurbate before:

But this time we get an even more up close and personal look, and Zack gets a helping hand from the man himself.

[WATCH: Stripper Service Five (Feat. Zack Lemec) - Maskurbate]

But this time he got a helping hand.

Although he started off by himself:

Gay Porn Model Zack Lemec

Zack Lemec is so sexy he doesn't even need to take all of his clothes off.

From Maskurbate:

We received lots of demands to show you how exactly I shoot my scenes with the models. This Making of will shows you how it's done. Featuring Zack Lemec, this scene was shot at a local strip club, during off hours, in fact, only 2 hours before they open their doors. So we had to be very effective. That's didn't stop Zack and me to have lots of fun, as usual, and produce one of his most popular scenes! Zack lovers, be prepared to see lots and lots of never-seen footage of your favorite stud!

Once he was good and ready, he revealed that cock we've (I've) come to love.

Maskurbate Porn Model Zack Lemec

Now THIS is the perfect angle.

Then he sits down and lets Pascal have a feel...

Pascal Gives Zack Lemec A Handjob

Pascal couldn't help himself but to get in on the action.

And they both work a nice load of cum out of him.

Zack Lemec Cumshot at Maskurbate

What a beautiful cumshot. What would you do with it?

What do you think of Zack Lemec? Do you like when Pascal joins in scenes to help his models out?


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