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Noah Centineo shirtless

Noah Centineo


The folks at Mr. Man have rounded up the year's juiciest stats in one handy dandy infographic called Mr. Man's Year In Review, and we stan. And you'll stan too! Something that we can count as a clear victory for 2018 is that Noah Centineo was the most viewed actor on Mr. Man. People are thirsty to see if he - as well as the number two most viewed actor Pete Davidson - have that big dick energy IRL!

That insanely sexy short film Anti Reproductive Mating Ritual was the most viewed title of 2018, with the unsimulated gay sex in SWEAT coming in at number two, and the gay sheMANigans of Animal Kingdom coming in at number three. The House Of Flowers was the TV show with the most nudity in 2018, and it happens to stream on Netflix, which is the network with the most nudity! It's also worth noting that the vast majority of users viewed Mr. Man on their phones. Because they're what? Masturbating in the bathroom.

Do you agree with your fellow dudity lovers? Let us know!


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Mr. Man's Year In Review

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